About Comic Club

Since 2004 I’ve delivered thousands of workshops at hundreds of schools, libraries, museums, galleries and events. I work with all ages from primary school to adult groups. I’ve worked with youth groups, young offenders, young carers, travellers’ families, school groups and festival crowds.

We’ve used comics to raise awareness and promote issues such as healthy eating, green living, bullying, and domestic violence. I‘ve brought in storytellers, drama teachers, animators, filmmakers, photographers, graffiti artists and sculptors to explore the use of graphic storytelling in conjunction with other media.

Clients include the BBC, Age Concern, Action for Children, Glastonbury Festival and Sussex University. The full client list is huge. Get an idea of just how big it is here!

About me

Bestselling cartoonist behind ‘Tony an Me by Georg Bush’ (“A masterpiece” – The Independent) and ‘This is War by Georg Bush’ as well as dozens of cult underground comics.

But Comic Club isn’t about me, its about YOU!