Workshops can be tailored to suit primary or secondary school ages. They can range from short sessions, a one-day masterclass, or in-depth courses. Every workshop is uniquely created by me, and can be linked into curriculum topics / learning outcomes, to ensure an awesome and super-fun experience every time!

The possibilities are as limitless as the imagination!

Comic Art

All elements of cartooning covered using icebreakers / live drawing / mini-workshops / worksheets and Comic Club tips cards. Storytelling techniques, design, sequencing, anatomy, movement, setting, mood, speech, sound, lettering, time, costume, clarity of communication and more!


Tailored for beginners, or more confident artists at primary, or secondary school age. Kawaii, Chibi, Shoujo, Shonen, Pokémon, etc.

Pop-Up Comics

Loads of fun! Develop your drawing skill and confidence and learn the basics of papercraft and eye-popping 3D comics! I have loads of individual pop-up workshops covering all the main mechanisms, and all created by me!

Fun Stuff!

Perfect for festivals, museums, events - X-Ray Spex, movable comics, 3D creations, giant comic strips, and loads more!

Holiday Workshops

So much to do! Very popular, and ongoing in half-terms and holidays at my cartooning studio in Brighton... check the BOOKINGS page for what's happening soon!
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After School Clubs

Check my bookings page to see if any are happening in your child's school!
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Awesome cartooning adventures in my comic art studio / workshop space for birthdays and creative celebrations!


Eye-popping art for your school, community space. Have a look at my most recent one here.

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